Current Investment Opportunities

  Downside protection via minimum guaranteed revenue streams from major global video games publishers, the UK video game production tax credit and EIS income tax relief

  Investment returns from retail sales are uncapped

  Target raise of £12m with EIS shares issued in 2017/18

AAA Video Game EIS Fund

This EIS Fund will invest in the development of video games for PC and games consoles. The games will be based on well-known film or television franchises which benefit from an existing fan-base and predictable sales targets.

  Focus on online content, augmented/virtual reality, artificial intelligence, social media and data analytics

   A market leading creative agency will add value to each investee company in the form of strategic and operational support from within its large network

  Target raise of £1.35m with SEIS shares issued in 2017/18

Daedalus Twenty Ten Digital Media SEIS Fund

This SEIS Fund will invest in a portfolio of “Next Generation Digital Media Agencies” operating within the high-growth sub-sectors of the digital media industry. With the decline of traditional print media and advertising, the investee companies will focus on cutting edge digital solutions to connect brands to consumers in the modern digital world.

The Little Gym SEIS Fund

This SEIS Fund will invest in a series of children’s learning and activity centres known as “The Little Gym®”. The Fund will operate a multi-site rollout strategy across the UK.

  Target raise £900,000

  Each Investee Company will launch and operate its own Little Gym in a particular UK territory

  Benefits from an established business model


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